Edward Lim


Edward is a veteran statistician with more than 15 years of experience in both the government and private sector. His skill set include tradditional statistical techniques like hypothesis testing, multiple regression, multivariate analysis of variance, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis etc.  He is also familiar with non-linear techniques like neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic rule-based systems.

Edward was formerly a Senior Assistant Director with the Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS), Ministry of Trade of Industry. At DOS, Edward worked on a large number of highly sensitive Singapore Government projects, many of which remain protected by the Offical Secrets Act Chapter 213.  The projects whose results have been released into the public domain include the Census of Population 2000 and the General Household Survey 2005. Edward is intimately familiar with the data collection/data analysis methodologies used by DOS. He is able to use these methodologies to generate studies which closely mirror offical DOS statistics in terms of quality and accuracy.

Edward’s statistical specialisation is in the realm of computational statistics. He is one of the leading experts in the use of SPSS in Singapore. Using advanced SPSS sytnax and scripting, he has developed an advanced in-house SPSS based system for data analysis. This system gives Nexus Link analytical capabilites which are two to three generations ahead of other market research companies in Singapore. These include hypothesis testing of time series, compressed trend overview of mass hypothesis test and statistical hypothesis testing of Importance in Importance-Performance modelling.

Edward has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Statistics and an Honours Degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He also has a Master’s Degree in Knowledge Management from the Institute of Systems Science (ISS), NUS.