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Customer Loyalty Survey

It is important to foster customer loyalty as loyal customers (compared to the less loyal ones) are more likely to:

• Give you more money
• Recommend others to you and
• Forgive you if there are shortfalls in the services delivery

Nexus Link’s extensive past research has identified six key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty that may be applied across industries.

Nexus Link’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement program will help clients understand how they perform on key measures such as the Customer Loyalty Index and satisfaction with key pillars of loyalty (e.g., Perceived Value, Product Quality, Image and Reputation, etc.,). The research then goes further by asking respondents to rate their experiences with the sub-drivers and attributes at the operational level (e.g., aspects of product quality).



The survey hence covers the relationship measures of loyalty, and the operational aspects that support the overall customer experiences.