Customized Survey

Customized Survey

Nexus Link has extensive experiences with customized surveys spanning diverse industries and topics. The consultants have worked on numerous projects for thee private and public sectors. Notwithstanding this, Nexus Link strongly believes that the requirement of each organization is unique and that a degree of customization is warranted to meet the needs of clients. Appended is a list of Customized Surveys conducted.

Telephone Interviews
- Telecommunication service usage survey
- Products/services information sources survey
- Perception towards hospice service in Singapore
- Hand-phone users study
- Consumer spending survey (4 countries)
- Market competitiveness study for healthcare
- Survey on IT services provider (3 countries)
- Survey on construction vehicles (10 countries)
- Customer Satisfaction Survey and Competitive Analysis for Bank (8 countries)

Intercept Survey (Face-To-Face)
- Membership survey
- Visitors satisfaction survey
- Recreational clubs customers satisfaction survey
- Public toilet users satisfaction survey
- Passengers satisfaction survey
- Restaurants’ customer surveys
- SMRT survey
- Customer satisfaction survey

Household Interviews (Face-To-Face)
- Singapore Ciitizenship survey
- Perception towards leisure club
- Internet usage survey
- Survey on entertainments and video games
- Ad awareness survey and media effectiveness research
- Religion study
- Perception towards leisure and entertainment
- Perception towards civil service
- Sportswear survey-(Malaysia and Singapore)

Focus Groups Discussion/In-Depth Interviews
- New product concept study
- Branding study
- In-depth product research and competitive benchmark study

- Packaging evaluation and competitive benchmarking study
- Perception and attitude study
- Lifestyle and activities  study
- Sports study
- Parks study

Internet/Online Survey
- Company employees satisfaction survey
- Facilities survey
- Printers survey
- Graduates Employment Survey

Mystery Shoppers Audit/Observation Study
- Banking services and environment
- Hospital service
- Fast-food restaurants service
- Trains and buses observation