Fieldwork and Data Collection

Fieldwork and Data Collection

There are several ways to collect the information ranging from the less subtle (e.g., Mystery Shopper Audit/Observation techniques, consumer panels, internet tracking) and intrusive approaches (e.g., mail-out and online surveys) to the more pro-active methods (e.g., intercept studies, face-to-face interviewing, phone survey).

Nexus Link has the capabilities to implement just about any survey work in the region.

- It has a modern call-centre with 30 stations fully equipped with Computer Aided-Telephone Interviewing Centre (CATI) setup;

- It has a comprehensive online solution tool complete with automated real-time reporting setup;

- A network of 80 Executive Interviewers (i.e., those with at least 5 years of surveying experiences) suitable for sophisticated or senior management interviews;

- A network of 200 local and foreign interviewers that may be deployed for survey studies;

- A network of tested research suppliers in almost every part of Asia.