Why Us

Customized Model
Nexus Link believes that every project is unique and should be handled differently. That is why it does not advocate a one-size-fit-all model for customers.  In fact, the measurement framework is tailored to the needs and requirements of every customer.  It is then measured, validated, enhanced and tracked over time.

Total Transparency in KPI Formulation
Nexus Link believes that there should be total transparency in the derivation of any Key Performance Index.  Hence it will provide clients with the derived formula for their verification and actions.

Advanced Technology
Nexus Link’s advanced analytics goes beyond the conventional statistical tools to provide clients with more insights to the findings at hand. These are established, highly advanced and specialized techniques that have been widely accepted as the new generation of technology.

No Proprietary Techniques
Nexus Link’s advanced analytics utilizes off-the-shelf tools, and are non-proprietary in nature.  Again, in the spirit of transparency, Nexus Link does not subscribe to a “black-box” approach.

Extensive Industry Experiences
The project team for any client will be led by a Project Director and Principal Statistician that have at least 10 years of research experiences.  The resumes of the project team will be presented at the out-front for the scrutiny of the clients.

An Extensive Suite of Reporting Offering
Nexus Link provides 2 main types of reports namely the Descriptive and Insights Reports.  The Descriptive Reports comprise the toplines, cross-tabulations, and scorecards which are customized according to the requirements of the clients and its stakeholders.  The Insights Reports presents the advanced analytics (e.g., Drivers Analysis, Strategy Maps, Optimization Analysis, Simulations, Segmentation Analysis, etc.,) to help organizations strategize and prioritize resources.

Research Capabilities and Network
Nexus Link’s advanced call centre setup in Singapore (30 CATI stations) as well as its extensive network of research partners enables survey projects to be implemented regionally and globally.

Multi-Pronged Data Quality Controls
Nexus Link has one of the most rigorous data assurance measures in the industry.  The suite of controls ensure that the data collected is subject to intense scrutiny, verification and validation prior to its acceptance.